Where Are You? by Timothy Robert Graham. Come see the whole rock n’ roll band this Wednesday the 27th of January 2016 at Barboza on Capitol Hill. 8pm, $8, 21+

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This acoustic version was shot at an abandoned monastery on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It was performed in 1 take before the ghost nuns could kick us out. Gabriel “the reverend” Molinaro plays the keys (except for the B key that was stuck).


You can also download the track Where Are You? for free here


Timothy Robert Graham writes 60’s-pop inspired indie-rock. Timothy is currently recording a full-length album with producer Steven Aguilar (Silver Torches, David Bazan, Head and the Heart). Famed DJ Marco Collins praised Timothy’s last album as his number one pick of 2013. Most recently the two-track single, Sit Still No Talking was released last October.



Where are you?

Are you taking care?


Car is going to fast, brakes aren’t working

Catastrophic crash stops us at last

Hope no one else is hurt

My recklessness got the best

The wheel is spinning


Where are you?

Are you taking care?


You disappeared; you’re on your own

To see the world, made some mistakes

Cheated on everyone ‘cuz you’ve been cheated too

I know, I know

What’s the point if I can’t have you?


Where are you?

Are you taking care?

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Barboza Presents:
The Good Wives with Timothy Robert Graham Keaton Collective

8pm doors || $8 advance || 21+

tickets & Facebook event page

Barboza 1.27.16

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For the “oh dang I’m on a mountain” vibe, please watch in full screen mode with sound UP!

Timothy Robert Graham performs with his rock and roll band on August the Twentieth at the Rendezvous in Seattle to celebrate the release of Sit Still, No Talking. To reserve your seat, purchase a ticket here

To hear the recorded version before the release date, stream the song here:

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New single out 8.20.15. Come watch us perform Sit Still, No Talking live on the release day at The Rendezvous in Seattle, WA. 9pm, $8adv, $10 at the door, 21+. For tickets click here

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10_10_14 SEATTLE SHOW!

Click on the poster to buy a ticket!

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We topped Marco Collins year end list of 2013 album releases. Somehow I forgot to post this!?

“There were several records on this list that I thought should have received WAY more attention than they did: Glitterbang, Nissim, Jaymes Young and my number one record of the year, Timothy Robert Graham!”


For those of you unfamiliar, Marco is one of 2 DJ’s in the rock n roll hall of fame, a former dj on 107.7 the End and KEXP. I grew up listening to his program, so this absolutely floored me!

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This one is 21+ so bring yo ID. Click on the poster for the Face Book event page!

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What an adventure! I feel like I went on my own Kon Tiki down to SF. There were so many good hangs. It was really special seeing my homies Carlye and Andrew, both of which are SUPER talented musicians and sweet people. Thanks for coming out to the shows! It blew my mind that I could be so far from home and have people to call friends in a distant land. Also a huge thanks to Abbi for housing us in Portland when the van broke down. Thanks for putting a roof over our heads!

We also got to see my current roomie, Aya T. Sato, who was down shooting a wedding and hanging out with Carlye. Her photos are excellent and I can’t wait to see all that comes from the trip.


The band was pieced together like scraps of wood to form a floating raft that carried us. We started practicing two weeks before our shows in SF, and the guys did an amazing job. On bass was Brian James who plays and writes in the technical rock jams of English Gardens. On drums, my old friend Aaron Gilligan made it look easy. Aaron plays in indie/folk/bite/rockers Indigo Wolf (they’re from New Zealand) and he used to play in the amazing Seattle band, Breathe Repeat (RIP). We also had Aaron’s NZ buddy Josh O’Neill, who does some excellent branding design.


I had so much fun with you dudes bumming around in The Mission District eating tacos, waiting for Carlye to get her ass out of that electronics shop, loosing my shit in Portland after our van broke down, eating good and bad food, drinking amazing coffee at Sight Glass and Ritual, driving and listening to so many jams, drinking tasty suds, talking about life and art, staying at the dodgiest hotel on earth, exchanging American and New Zealand cultural and lingual norms (Josh, I want a pash in the Jack London Inn next year!), and all the silliness. MY HEART IS FULL! Thank you guys for trusting me, stepping out into an unknown sea, and giving me your talent and your time.

The shows were made most fun by the bands we got to play with. I wish these guys all lived closer to Seattle so I could show you their amazing music. Big thanks to the dream pop rock crew in Sunbeam RD (thanks for the vinyl), noisy punk explosions of Buzzmutt, and the garage ballads of Oceanography. A big thank-you to our venue hosts The Hemlock Tavern and Bottom of The Hill. Both sound engineers and staff were incredibly professional and friendly.


Our van made it back to Seattle and my mind and body can rest. We’ve landed on a shore called home. I woke up today next to my wife and made coffee and oatmeal in my own kitchen. But something in me is already dreaming of the next adventure.


I left my heart in San Francisco.



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In promotion of our dates in SF we’re releasing a live recording from our practice space on beacon mountain!


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We can’t wait to share the stage with so many awesome bands!


Sunbeam RD & TRG at the Hemlock

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