Timothy Robert Graham writes 60’s-pop inspired indie-rock. Timothy is currently recording a full-length album with producer Steven Aguilar (Silver Torches, David Bazan, Head and the Heart). Famed DJ Marco Collins praised Timothy’s last album as his number one pick of 2013. Most recently the two-track single, Sit Still No Talking was released last October. http://timothyrobertgraham.bandcamp.com/

“..my number one album of the year…This record is fantastic! Get on this. I predict big things for this guy”
–Marco Collins/Former DJ on 107.7 The End, KEXP, and Live 105; A&R at Movment Records; Director of Music Programming @VH1

“The Hidden Rose” is a solid effort in composition, performance and recording. The arpeggiated electric guitars, lilting vocal swoons and thin-cymbaled drum kit give “Rose” a tinge of Buckley’s “Grace.” And Graham’s tenor is as comfortable hovering above acoustic guitar strumming in a light falsetto as it is projecting over a weave of overdriven telecasters.”
–Stephen Miller/Capitol Hill Times

“Graham is a music writer who’s lyrics are the sort that make a listener want to dig in to verse after verse. He’s more thoughtful and a touch more melancholy than the other bands on this bill, but don’t for a second let that convince you he’ll fade into the background. He’ll be playing with a full band for this show, and according to what I’ve heard, he believes the louder the better. Seattle, I think that’s something that we can get behind, right?”
–Lindsey Bluher/SSG Music

“Was good to see you guys play. Really enjoyed your set.”
— Greg Garcia/Talent Buyer Tractor Tavern

“I love these songs you sent. It’s cool how they feel big without being macho. You played everything on these?”
–Brandon Eggleston, Producer. Credits on: Album Leaf, Modest Mouse, Harvey Danger, Pelican, John Vanderslice, Post Harbor

Venues we’ve played: Barboza, Chop Suey, The Tractor Tavern, Back Bar of The Crocodile (sold-out/headlining), Bottom of the Hill (SF), The Hemlock Tavern (SF), The Sunset Tavern, The Comet Tavern, The Highline, The High Dive, The Rat and The Raven, The Fun House, The Josephine, The Rendezvous at the Jewel box theater, The Blue Moon Tavern, Peninsula College, Metronome Cafe, house shows.

Bands we’ve played with: Pacific Gold (formerly Wayfarer), The Echo Larks, Us On Roofs, Dude York, Friends and Family, A Leaf, Battleme (PDX), Keaton Collective (Bellingham, WA), The Forms (NYC), Colonies, To The Sea, Winnebago, Cat From Hue, Garage Voice, Noah Gundersen, Briertone (CA)…

contact: i_m_timothy@hotmail.com



contact: i_m_timothy@hotmail.com


There is no such thing as an artist: there is only the world, lit or unlit as the light
allows. When the candle is burning, who looks at the wick? When the candle is out, who
needs it? But the world without light is wasteland and chaos, and a life without sacrifice
is abomination. What can any artist set on fire but his world? What can any people
bring to the altar but all it has ever owned in the thin towns or over the desolate plains?
What can an artist use but materials, such as they are? What can he light but the short
string of his gut, and when that’s burnt out, any muck ready to hand? His face is flame
like a seraph’s, lighting the kingdom of God for the people to see; his life goes up in the
works; his feet are waxen and salt. He is holy and he is firm, spanning all the long gap
with the length of his love, in flawed imitation of Christ on the cross stretched both ways
unbroken and thorned. So must the work be also, in touch with, in touch with, in touch
with; spanning the gap from here to eternity, home
.” An excerpt from Holy the Firm, by
Annie Dillard

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