In promotion of our CD release show on Sunday January 20th, we’re releasing a free download from The Hidden Rose.

The song is Captured Moment, and can be downloaded for free!

The very talented Charissa Bangs designed special cover art for the release. I love how the colors capture the fun, light, and joyous feelings found in the song. You can view her branding and design work here

Hope you make it out to the show if you’re anywhere near Seattle, WA! Details for the show and tickets can be viewed here


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We’ve successfully funded our Kick Starter and will be releasing our debut album, The Hidden Rose, on January 20th!


The CD release show will be at Barboza in Seattle. We get to play with Wayfarer and Garage Voice. We couldn’t be more excited!!! The show starts at 7pm, is $8 in advance, will be 21+. Tickets can be purchased ->here

In promotion of the show and our album we’re releasing the first single, Captured Moment.

05 Captured Moment



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I just finished recording my new album, The Hidden Rose. Watch a video explaining the project and how you can help us get this album duplicated!

The first single off the album is called, Captured Moment and can be heard at the Kick Starter page. Go check it out by clicking here!!


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Photo Cred Aya Sato

It’s been a good year. Thank you to everyone who’s made it out to a show.


Our last show at the Sun Set Tavern was a blast. Greg Garcia booked us with some amazing bands. Check out Keaton Collective and Battleme

This Memory above was captured by Aya Tiffany Sato.

More good memories to come ->


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OK! Let’s go! I’m recording an album. Here’s a video update/tour of my studio, Beacon Mountain Studios.

Now watch me drum my super bestest.

Some pictures for the scrapbook.

I’m hoping to have the full length finished by January. Then I have some big plans to announce. But for now, it’s a secret. Stay tuned! In the mean time feel free to pick up my Ep here.

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We love the Comet Tavern! We had a great time playing. We also love our friend Charissa! She’s an excellent moment capturer (photographer). Proof:

Looks like fun doesn’t it? Our next show is at Chop Suey, Sunday Nov 13th, 8pm. $6 21+. FB event page w/more details is right here.

More of Charissa’s photo’s can be seen here. More photo’s of us can be seen on our FB band page here.

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July has been a good month for us. We got to play The Comet Tavern, The Sunset Tavern, and a small café just outside of Portland.

At The Comet, we had the pleasure of playing with some great local bands, The Eric Miller Band, The Tilted Stilts, and Lawndree.

The Sunset was a great show. A surprising number of our friends came out on a Tuesday night. I feel so supported! We also got to open for The Forms. They are the real deal. Strait out of NYC, they’ve shared the stage with The National, Deer Hunter, Minus The Bear…The list goes on. It was fun playing a rad show with a rad band.

Finally, our road trip down to Portland was a blast. I got to hook up with some old friends, and spend lots of time with my band mates. They are so talented and so kind. I’m very thankful for them!! We also enjoyed some of the best coffee of our lives at Coava.

Shout out to Ryan Harter for letting us stay at your place. He was also kind enough to shoot an impromptu video of an unreleased song: Hope is Where The Heart Is


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Below, is the first issue of a web zine brought to you by ma home boyz in Le Grand Cru. They put out a Compilation CD to benefit the Japan relief effort. I had the great honor of being one of the featured artists. I submitted an unreleased song, and it’s the only place you can purchase it.

Some of the other featured artist include: Hot Bodies In Motion, Pickwick, Campfire OK, Noah Gundersen, Lemolo, Young Lions, Pablo Trucker, Garage Voice, plus even more! We’ve already raised over $400 with nothing but word of mouth promotion! Take a look, and a listen. Help people who are helping people, and be a part of the relief effort. All the cool kidz are doing it.


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Getting to play The Tractor Tavern felt like a Birthday/Christmas present/first kiss all wrapped into one. The Tractor Tavern is a landmark venue in Seattle where some of the best have, and continue to play shows.

The sound was excellent, the room was surprisingly full, and we played really well. We’d just finished our Port Angeles Mini Tour, so this was our 4th show in 3 days. All the time together on tour made us closer friends. That carried into our live show. We had a lot of fun, and played our best show yet. Here’s two videos from the show!

We also played with two very talented bands. The Directory had a indie-pop sound. Lots of great piano hooks, dance rock beats, and melody focused lead guitar. Best part, all three dudes in the band are extremely friendly.

The opener, Kiersten Holine, played a great set. A second guitarist, and percussionist accompanied Kiersten. They nailed some great harmonies.

A big THANK YOU to all who came out to the show, to the Tractor for hosting, and to the Directory for adding us to the bill! I can’t wait to play there again. For more pics please visit me on the Facebook.

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Tires screeching, brakes slipping, driving way too fast, I barely made it onto the Edmonds/Kingston ferry. On a beautiful day in May the band and I made it out to Port Angeles to play a string of shows.

My good friend Andrew convinced Peninsula College to host a show, pay our ship fees, and our ration costs. While we were on that side of the Strait of Juan De Fuca, we thought, why not play as much as possible. Andrew also hooked us up with the most punk rawk house show ever (Standing room only), and a show at The Upper Room. Too much fun!

Best part, I got to spend a lot of time chillen with my new band mates. They are such great guys, and they make the music sound SO much better. I’m blown away at every show.

At night we slept at a zoo. Ok, it was actually a house, but there were 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 fish tanks, and 2 birds. Here’s a video of one of the birds getting smart with Mike (our drummer).

I mean, the bird was hitting on his wife, Elise. We have proof on film.

And is case you didn’t catch that, “Baby, please. I may be in a cage, but I’m a free bird.” I was happy to interpret bird-speak, as it is my first language.

For more pictures and what not, please visit me on facebook

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